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Advance Order By Phone

1) Call 519-433-6346. We accept orders up to 2 days in advance by phone or up to 7 days online.

  • We encourage all advance orders to be made online instead by phone.

2) If you must make a phone order, please have your full order ready before leaving your message.

  • If we have any questions, we will call you before preparing your dishes, which could delay the completion of your order.


3) Our hours of operations are: Wed, Thu and Sun from 4 – 8, Fri & Sat from 4 – 8:30pm.


  • Please note, you order will not be place into the kitchen until we open at 4pm on the day that we are operating.


  • The earliest we will have your order ready is at 4:30pm.


4) Provide your first name, your mobile number, the time you wish to pick up and the order details.


  • Order details may include the dish menu number and/or the name of the dish, and any special requests or allergies. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences.


  • Please state your order slowly and clearly to prevent mistakes or us calling you back.


  • If we have questions but cannot reach you at the number you have given, we will not proceed with your order.

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